Top 10 Poker Bonuses | 2015

One tried and tested strategy for adding to your bankroll is to play for bonuses. And as long as there are bonuses worth playing for this will always be true. Finding good offers – and sorting through all the available ones to get to the good stuff – takes times and effort.

Because, as you probably know by now, not all poker bonuses are created equal.

We have done some of the work for you. Here are the current Top 10 bonuses for poker players in 2015. And this is not just our opinion; we have crunched the numbers and those numbers do not lie.

Poker RoomBonus detailsRating
Bovada Poker
Max. $1,000 at 100%
60 Days | Increments $10, $40, $100, $150, $300, $400
FullTilt Poker
Max $600 at 100%
60 Days | Increments of $20 OR 10%
BetVictor Poker
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Max $1,000 at 200%
30 Days | Increments of 10%
Poker Stars
Max $600 at 100%
120 Days | Increments of $10
Poker Stars
Max $600 at 100%
120 Days | Increments of $10
Sky Poker
Max £500 at 200%
30 Days | Increments of £10
Americas Cardroom
Max. $1,000 at 100%
60 Days | Increments $1.00
Betfair Poker
Max $2,000 at 200%
45 Days | Increments of $10
Bet365 Poker
Max €100 at 100%
60 Days | Increments of €, €4, then €5’s
Betway Poker
Max $750 at 200%
60 Days | Increments of 1% bonus amount
32Red Poker
Max $1,000 on any deposit amount from $10
30 Days | Paid after 30 days


The Rating figure is given as a percentage. In the simplest terms, this percentage represents the amount of your own money – paid in rake – that you get back by releasing a bonus. The higher the percentage the better the bonus deal.

The small print under each deal in the table indicates the time limit (e.g. 60 Days) that applies to the bonus. This is the amount of time from first deposit that the player has to complete the wagering requirements. The Increment number indicates in what way the bonus is released – smaller increments are better.

At first glance, it may seem that some bonus deals should not be listed here at all. The 32Red offer, for example, has a very low rate of return. But you can earn that bonus with a small deposit, while all the other offers are dependent on the amount that you deposit, this one is not.

Again. the Bet365 offer seems tiny in comparison to some of the others, but they are giving a $5.00 no deposit bonus on top of this offer, so for players that do not have a $1,000 bankroll this can be quite a good starting deal.

The top deal at the moment is from Bovada Poker. The great thing abouyt Bovada is that they accept players from the U.S.A. The downside though is that they do not accept players from any where else in the world.

I hope it is clear now how it can be difficult to compare what should be similar offers. The Betway deal is for 750 of whatever currency you deposit in, while most of the other deals will vary the amount on offer according to the prevailing currency exchange rates.

Also, they all can have small print that can alter the benefits depending on the players specific details. Full Tilt for instance will vary the rate at which player points are earned depending on the country the player is from and the gambling taz regime in that country. So for a player from Ireland the Full Tilt rate of return drops to 30%. That’s still good, comparatively, but not as good as it is for players from other countries.

Across all the above listed deals, the total bonus amount comes close to $9,000, which is an impressive amount of money. If you can jsut about manage to play a break-even game then taking advantage of these deals can significantly boost your profits. Of course, how much bonus cash you can actually get will depend in large part on the country that you are from. Of the listed poker rooms, only two accept players from America. And one of them – Bovada – only accepts Americans. So if for example you are from the U.K. you could claim almost $8,000, while if you are from the U.S.A. then you can only get $2,000.

Most poker sites allow you to withdraw without restrictions once the wagering requirements have been met. This is not a rule though, so be sure to check the terms and conditions on any offer that you choose to take up. In the case of the Sky Poker deal, you must play through the bonus you release at least once before you are allowed to make a withdrawal. That is an annoying restriction, but in the case of Sky Poker, they do have added value in the form of a free £10 chip for new players.