Beginner Poker Strategy Tip - Playing Limit Poker

This is a fairly straightforward, no-nonsense tip for players that are new to the game but know the fundamentals.

Every player it seems heads straight for the no limit tables. After all, this is the game that you see on TV and is played at ll the highlight events such as the WSOP. But the thing about no limit is that you really need to know what you are doing and have the belief in your hand to push your chips all in when it comes time.

Whereas in fixed limit poker, with the betting capped, there is less chance that a newer player with the best hand will be pushed off the pot by an aggressive, more experienced player.

One drawback to fixed limit is that as the bets are at a set size there may be a temptation to chase cards. A hand that you would lay down so fast in no limit once a big bet came in to you, may now seem playable to the river as the bets are fixed and therefore manageable.

This small leak can turn into a big drain on your bankroll. If you wouldn’t play it for big money then you shouldn’t play it for small money. The only exception to this rule is when you are in the small blind and it is relatively cheap to see the flop. The element of luck in poker needs you to sometimes be holding less than premium cards when the ragged flop hits.